About Us

We are an independent Australian owned company. Russman are not the number one selling cleaning equipment brand in the world – and that’s not what we are about. We offer a range of cleaning equipment and accessories for the widest variety of jobs and applications in municipality, manufacturing, facility maintenance, construction and private enterprise, but we never rest on our laurels. The same can be said with our network of like-minded partners. Sure, we like new customers but what we really value are relationships. And that is the strength of our business. Our high standards of customer service, technology and innovative product range are the key to your success.

Our business is about the customer not us.

Our values in order of importance

Viability, Customer Satisfaction and Fun!

It’s just work! So, it should work!

Quality Guarantee

We are a company which seeks out products which are innovative – work – and have good life cycle value.
Our machines are manufactured in Italy and the PRC, with a focus on quality, simplicity and serviceability. Not to mention competitively priced!


We are always on the lookout, for new and exciting products and solutions to incorporate into our range, with innovative technologies, improved intuitive operation and greater comfort. It is our aim to produce products that meet our customers’ expectations and ultimately provide solutions that make it easier – that’s what we’re all about.

Our Network

Our dedicated Russman network of dealers are here to help you, with industry experience and local support you are ensured of a fast response and the right advice for your application.